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Our brokerage and service platform brings new meaning to "open architecture”.

Decreased costs, increased time 

We did the legwork to find the right technology partners at the right price so that you can reduce staff time and money spent on technology and increase time spent with your clients.

Flexibility for the way you work

Our technology offering is designed to meet your business needs. You can choose to integrate any and all of the technologies into your infrastructure to gain efficiencies and economies of scale as you grow. 

Spire Technology Partners 

Gain access to top-notch technologies to further streamline your business:

  • Spire Accounts by Envestnet - The industry leading consolidated account aggregation built seamlessly in to your business.
  • Spire’s Server-Free Cloud Office - An optional, all-inclusive technology platform that allows you to have all the IT benefits of a large firm, including automatic backup, firewalls, and an email server with duplicate back-up systems, without having to maintain an IT staff
  • Laserfiche Electronic Document Storage - A searchable electronic document storage system
  • Redtail Technology Contact Management System - A cutting-edge, web-based system, at a preferred price, to manage your clients
  • Spire Reports by Quadron - A consolidated and efficient report system.
  • Global Relay - An easy-to-use email monitoring, storage, and retrieval system that complies with the requirements for FINRA, the SEC, and FRCP
  • LaserApp - An electronic form-generating system that integrates with all the top contact management programs