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Our dynamic offering is designed for the way you do business.

Independence and choice

Independence can mean a lot of things. It can mean being fee-only, not working for a wirehouse, or offering independent advice, to name a few definitions. At Spire, we define “independence” as “true independence.” By true independence we mean giving you the opportunity to determine the business model that's right for you; select your own fee structure; choose your custodian; and define your goals, risk tolerance, and product solutions to meet your clients' needs. True independence and choice guide our approach as well as our resources.  

Enhanced efficiency and service

We are substantially vested and invested in the latest technology to help ensure security, compliance, efficiency, and opportunity. Our data security and data recovery capabilities are on par with major multinational corporations. We operate a virtually paperless back office and compliance system, and support most industry-standard CRM systems. Our fee billing and commission systems, as well as our data aggregation and reporting capability, are consistent with the most sophisticated financial firms.

Opportunistic growth and scaling

We have built a solid and flexible organization to help you not only successfully transition your business but also grow once you’ve reestablished your practice. We have the people and the resources in place to guide you through the entire process from evaluating alternative business models to pre-transition business planning, from infrastructure preparation to executing the transition at the right time for you and your clients.